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Dancing in a Downpour


Baal/Inanna/Laura mix. Their rise, their fall... and whatever comes next.

Thank you so much to the amazing @awwarrows​ for creating this album cover!!! I am so, so grateful. You rock and are so talented.

Tracklist here: http://thewickedandthehufflepuff.tumblr.com/post/141184409490/dancing-in-a-downpour

Quotes as annotations for each song, spoilery for up to Issue #17.

15 tracks
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@WhimsyPunch Thank you so much :D It's funny b/c as I made it, I didn't expect Baal and Persephone to enter a full-blown relationship with each other, but now that they have, it adds a whole new layer to it all. Baal and Persephone are more than a one-night stand to each other now; they're their second loves (since I still believe she had feelings for Lucifer.) And Minerva even said that Baal is with Persephone in part because it's the closest he can get to Inanna, who was so close to Laura... AGH. The layers. The connections. It's so much. So painful. So good. 3 x'D