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For Cathy


Playlist for Cathy's Birthday

  • Volare by Gipsy Kings
    Because you went to Italy in High school and I always associate that trip with this song.
  • Forbidden Friendship by John Powell
    Because no one loves How To Train Your Dragon more than us... :)
  • Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
    Because when I slept over and played my playlist this was the first song you recognized
  • Bro Chant (How I Met Your Mother) by mwarn012
    Because if we were guys we'd have a bro chant too-- plus you introduced me to that ridiculous TV show.
  • 11 The Next Level Stephanie Mabey by SPIRIT MUSIC GROUP
    Because this song is about a chick who basically annihilates everything that stands in her way... and I know two who do exactly that. Also Stephanie Mabey sang the Zombie Love Song which was a thing when we wanted to watch "Warm Bodies"
  • Fairy Dance by James Newton Howard
    Because this movie was the one that made me want to be a pirate, and you indulged in my weirdness by watching Peter Pan as well. :)
  • Mon Ami by Ida Redig
    Because in an attempt to learn French I stumbled across the wonderful Ida Redig and this is one of my favorite songs by her. Plus its called "Mon Ami", or "My Friend"... which you are.
  • "I Know (You Know)" Psych Theme by Fanadama
    Because you are the Shawn to my Gus... the Lassie to my Jules... and the pineapple to my quesadilla...
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