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I hate you so much I love you...


Baz- themed playlist Though a few songs are more Simons point of view like who are you really and I see right through you.
Mostly how I think his spotify or ipod would sound or how he thinks.
(I'll be adding my own art soon)

16 tracks
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Holy Crowley oh my gods this was so fucking incredibly good I can't even process it well right now. Wow. I think this is one of my favorite playlists in all of 8tracks. Person, whoever you are, kudos on your music taste. AND your imaginary Baz-iPod. The level of angst and sexual tension in this is exactly what I think Carry On would've had if Rainbow Rowell had been a tad bit more explicit. Oh, well, there's always fanfiction. I am utterly in love with this and if I could hit 'Like' more than one time, I would. Thank you for posting this okay bye.