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blood red road


fanmix for the wonderful book series, the dustlands trilogy by moira young (✿◠‿◠)
i'll probably keep adding songs to this track, and getting rid of some.
if you've read the books please comment
below because tbh the fanbase is almost
nonexistent, so i just want to be reassured
that you guys are actually out there!

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I just finished Blood Red Road like a hour ago and oh my word.. I can't wait to read the next ones!! I really hope they make the movie for them!!

@ yeah i found out a few months ago, i just searched for it on an app called IMDB, and found out about the movie. i was really excited about it! apparently they've done most of the script and everything as well. it's just i have my doubts about the movie, since moira young hasn't tweeted about it, as far as i know. (but i'm not sure because i haven't been following her for that long.)

@rawr-ceri @crazy for bands she has tweeted about it many times, actually the production is in stand by because it seems like the books aren't enough famous or some shit like this....