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under-appreciated kpop


all male groups. all chill. all under appreciated (in my opinion). mostly recent songs (2012). (also eli with a cat?!) ukiss, lunafly, ledapple, F.I.X., F. Cuz., phantom and more.

19 tracks
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Ahh, I'm, so glad that 100% is on here, they're so underrated but sooooo talented (along with everyone on here but yk). I rlly love this playlist, thank you for making it!! :'))

And this mix started with one of my favs recently, C-Clown's Young love in acoustic version, winner! even if I usually prefer the acoustic versions of songs, but this time round I'm torn, I like both versions, but the original manages to wake me up in the morning, had to search a bit for a song that manages to do that haha.