- for game osts, please stop putting the game title in the "artist" field. go research who composed or arranged the track.
- please don't put tracks from nonstop/gapless albums in your playlists, particularly for "banger" type tracks. no one wants to abruptly be put into the middle of the action with no buildup. even if you custom-mix the tracks they will get messed up when your playlist gets shuffled for listeners.

other than that i'm some fluid entity (they/them [60%] and he/him [40%]) who likes...
* ambient
** carbon based lifeforms
** slow dancing society
* asian pop (i'm just here for the music, i don't do "stan" culture)
* synthwave, vaporwave, and similar
** macross 82-99
* game osts, particularly from scroll shooters and rhythm games
** yuzo koshiro
** yousuke yasui
** manabu namiki