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bright water; careful hands


the vast expanse of galaxies; the woman who makes sure she comes home safe...

{warning: contains season 7 spoilers}

through the lyrical and orchestral arc of the songs i chose, i wanted to tell the story that would've been if sam and janet had been canon. this is my first fanmix and i know only a few people will see it, but i put so much time into this because these women and what their story should've been all mean so very much to me. every song and its placement is intentional and wasn't taken lightly.

even if these characters don't mean anything to you (and if that's the case, you're really missing out), i tried to make a playlist that still speaks to nearly any individual who has lost someone they love.

(to the best of my knowledge, photo credit to tumblr user spokemon; edit by me)

20 tracks