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Dazzling Tempest


Slightly more serious Akutagawa mix, but it's kinda a Akutagawa x Atsushi one. I actually ship them, and wanted to illustrate how Akutagawa would be struggling against his blooming feelings for him, hence the fact that I alternate between somber songs and much softer ones~
I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy listening to this mix! \(° v °)/
In case no one guessed , I'm an orchestral music nerd.

9 tracks
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holY!! SHIT!! THIS IS THE BEST AKUTAGAWA MIX I HAVE EVER HEARD A++++ SONG CHOICES OHmygOD the minute lacrimosa came on i just !!! ! !

@realm-of-spells why aren't my replies posting wtf/// nO PROBLEM!!! THIS ENTIRE PLAYLIST IS GOLD and u know what listening to it made me think of my sweet tender beast by eugen doga pLS listen i think it's also v fitting for akutags

@perfectbattery OKAY I AM CRYING ??? THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love intsumental mixes, and I did make another one (you can find it easily) and I am glad that you think mine is good!!

@perfectbattery And also, I listened to "My sweet and tender beast"...I love it. I love it so much!! I'll have to check Doga's other works and perhaps make a nicey playlist ~