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America's Attic


Want a mix to remind you of America's Attic? Then this is the mix for you!
Warning: Contains memories of Endless Wonder.
Edit 7/30: Added 2 songs from season 4.

  • Warehouse 13 by Edward Rogers
    This started it all...
  • Her Name is Alice by Various Artists
    That Alica Liddell...
  • Akon by sexy bitch
    Age before Beauty
  • Where is my Mind by Allison Scagliotti
  • Disturbia (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on iTunes by Rihanna
  • White rabbit (Jefferson airplane) by Cavalier Seul
    Since Alice is in two episodes, she deserves two songs.
  • Monster by Skillet
    For Artie's little evil inside him...
  • No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine
    Let the Feels sink in!
8 tracks
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