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● gotta hear 'em all ●


this playlist are some song from the soundtrack of pokémon in instrumental version for your (and my) enjoyment and all of your instrumental needs!

cover credit to the awesome:

  • Pallet Town (Piano Solo) by POKEMON Red/Blue/Yellow
  • Goldenrod City (Piano Solo) by POKEMON Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • Ending/Credits Theme (Piano Solo) by POKEMON Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
  • N's Piano Suite (Pokemon B/W Piano) by Jerm Gonzalo
  • Pokemon- TV Theme Song (Full) by Pokemon
  • Pokemon: [Piano Arrangement] Primal Dialga ~ EoT/EoD/EoS by Caleb Xu
  • Pokemon DPPt by Pokémon DPPt
  • Rival Battle by Pokemon RSE
  • Pokemon: [Piano Arrangement] Verdanturf Town ~ R/S/E by Caleb Xu
9 tracks
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