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I no longer recognize you; and You'd no longer recognize me either


To: K, N, H, M, and S.

As much as it's not your fault, I just can no longer connect and agree with you. I've grown detached. If you saw who I am now, you'd deem me the enemy. I'm a purple dot that would be swallowed by your blue circle under the assumption that I'm a red plague. I can no longer stand it; the double standards of the environment we grew up in changing us.

However, I have recovered from that place, and I swear to never follow to mindless group speak so blindly ever again.

There's so much more to say, but the words wouldn't allow it. Nonetheless, I love and miss you all, but I must say farewell and only wish the best for you and your futures and that you'll one day see things from my perspective.

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