Reckless Vengeance
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Cirque de Teen


Cirque de Teen by Sarah Ramon
It’s not your normal clown and balloon circus. There isn’t a cotton candy vendor walking past you, barking ridiculous prices. There isn’t an elephant around for a forty-dollar ride lasting only a few minutes. Don’t count on there being face paint stations. No flying light up toys lasting a few months. Nothing but pure adrenaline. Nothing but the deep growl of a motor, a roar of a Korean Tiger and the sudden blood rush as an eighteen-year-old walks across a bed of nails dusted with broken glass. Come join the adrenaline rush at Cirque du Teen.
I’d dreamt of working alongside these people for years. The talent. The adrenaline. The suspense. It all seemed too good to be true. And it was.
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14 tracks
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