Reclaiming Requiem
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Reclaim the Trap #20


Bringing you the freshest traps, no excuses. Enjoy week 20.

This week hasn't been to booming, but the tracks are still awesome, except maybe that Aero Chord track... Oops...

Photo credit goes to rosie-elisabeth of deviantART

  • Hop ] by Surface [ #1 in beatport Hip
  • Timekeeper feat. CHAIN$AW HUEY by Matstubs
  • Fancy (CAKED UP REMIX) by Iggy Azalea
  • Ode To Morten (Got The Molly) [FREE] by Fabian Mazur
  • Bubblin' [FREE] by Fabian Mazur
  • Simplethings (Lady Parts Remix) by Miguel
  • Float by Kill Paris
  • Drive (K Theory Remix) by Miley Cyrus
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