Reclaiming Requiem
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Reclaim the Trap #22


Welcome to week 22! A bit late on the submission, and I apologize, but this week has been crazy, and I hope this makes up for it! Enjoy and be sure to tune in again next week, and remember, every 15 mixes I'll be putting up a party mix with the best songs! So be sure not to miss #30!

This week has a bit of a slow start, but the build up is worth it, stick around!

  • Right On Time by Stacks
  • Bad Karma by Axel Thesleff
  • Staying (DotEXE Remix) by Koda
  • Thank You (Goshfather & Jinco Ed&tion) by Dido
  • Disturbed by Big OSO Loc
  • Reverse [FREE DOWNLOAD] by D!rty Aud!o & Mr. Collipark (ft. Ying Yang Twins)
  • Tsuki by Eruku & Moonbeat
  • Drop It Like It's Hot (Hipshaker Balkan Remix) by Snoop Dogg ft. Pharell
  • THC by ThC
10 tracks
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Your mixes are exactly what I've been looking for! Great job man, you have awesome taste and have only been getting better and better! Don't ever stop, these mixes have become my life! -From a previous Floridian. :)