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Anachronistic Shogun Killer Blues


This feudal era belongs to you, but only if know precisely what to do... Modern blues & prog rock with traditional Japanese instrumentation (shamisen/shakuhachi). Includes Hiromitsu Agatsuma, God of Shamisen and Yoshida Brothers.

Artwork showcases Yûko Daike as Geisha Okinu in "The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi" (Thanks to @ErrorMalfunction for the inspiration!)

9 tracks
5 comments on Anachronistic Shogun Killer Blues

Hello Redbatrecords, your selection of music artists is fantastic, very special and sheds a whole new light on the blues. Thank you for sharing them all! Cheersssssss M.M

@MR MEKANIC Thank you so much! Your comment made my evening. Im very happy that you liked it. If you would like to try more of my blues mixes, I've collected some here: ... However, this one is pretty unique and irreplicable :)