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Laid Back Sexy Lounge

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@DJ_Serenity :) in that case, if you like hard rock music, i have another Jennifer Charles mix in preparation that is more industrial and less electronic... stay posted!

Her voice is seriously incredible. Blew me the fuck away! I can't wait to hear it. I love hard rock/industrial as well and can't wait to hear what she sounds like in another genre. So cool. Thanks <3

@DJ_Serenity It's been posted :) apologies for the delay, but I wanted to get the right tracks in order first.. it ended up being more downtempo goth blues, hope you like it!

@DJ_Serenity I hope you enjoyed it! A couple songs actually didn't load, so I fixed it up.. Also, this was just a side-project for a more expansive trip-hop list that i'm still making. so stay tuned ;)