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Raga Roppongi


Two ancient musical traditions, with a shared classical foundation, create incredibly profound underexplored harmonies. Representing this convergence of culture is Benzaiten, Japan's Buddhist goddess whose Indian counterpart is Saraswati. Both preside over music and beauty. Good luck finding anything else that sounds like this one!
Featuring Ravi Shankar, Hiromitsu Agatsuma and Yukihiro Goto

10 tracks
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I listen to and enjoy a lot of your playlists, but this is a step above and beyond. Absolutely ADORE this one. It's a great mix of the two streams. They blend so well together! One of the best listening experiences I've had on 8tracks. Look forward to more of your stuff!

@praxidikae Thank you so much! I put a lot of energy into this one, so I'm glad it paid off. Hope to see you checking back. I'm trying to find more material like this, but it is beyond difficult. More artists need to cross cultures with their music ;)

@LeinadDC I'm really happy you like my niche :) This one is special to me, and it took a while to compile.. Maybe two months trying to locate some of these tracks, and I couldn't find half of the songs I was seeking. If I ever do, then there will be a sequel! Anyways, thanks for listening to my mixes, I have plenty more coming!