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Rōnin Assassin


Deadly serious shamisen for the tribulations of a lone samurai in his quest to take on the daimyo as assassins (pictured above) lie in waiting... Features ancient Japanese instruments in progressive metal twists and rock jam fusions. Artists include Yoshida Brothers, Hiromitsu Agatsuma and God of Shamisen

Illustration by the one and only Yuko Shimizu!

8 tracks
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@redbatrecords my bad, i meant japanese music :p...corect me if im wrong but the mandolin majorly features in chinese music right? oh man, cant wait for your chinese fusion playlist then :D

@calvi hehe, the Mandolin is actually from Italy, but it sounds just like the Chinese Liuqin, so they have become interchangeable among modern musicians. there are more instruments in China than anywhere else in the world:

@calvi also, i've been meaning to post a Chinese playlist for quite some time (my username actually references their mythology), but creative cultural expression was unfortunately tamped down by political leaders around the same time that recording technology flourished, so it's hard to find performers that replicate the region's earlier sounds or players who managed to break out of the box. still, the modern era is very promising for chinese music, and the explosion of cross-genre fusion in the last decade is very promising to say the least. anyways, stay tuned ;)

Coming from a person who doesnt know much about chinese culture and music, all your shamisen playlists are insane

@calvi thanks! i'm always happy to introduce Eastern music to new ears. glad you enjoyed the listening experience. actually, i've never posted a Chinese music mix before, but i am working on one now. the culture and music is distinctly different from Japanese traditions in many ways, so i hope you'll check back to hear the nuances. :)

@ErrorMalfunction Nice reference! The resemblance is definitely uncanny. In fact, I actually have a screenshot from that flick readied for a follow-up to this mix. Stay tuned :)