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The 400-Year-Old Japanese Winter


in this eternal reign,
like two bamboo shoots
grown straight and true,
this world shall last
thousands of ages...

On the young needles of the pine,
snow." (Lyrics from Yachiyo Jishi)
Take a journey to 17th century Japan in my musical time machine. Travel from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring with Kazue Sawai, Tani Senzan & Tanaka Yoko + Hozan Yamamoto & Tadao Sawai
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@armpithairsareuseless Well I REALLY appreciate listeners such as yourself! Thank you so much, I really ought to get back to posting these traditional compositions then :)

Image: Utagawa Hiroshige - Snow Scene at the Shrine of Benzaiten in the Pond at Inokashira (Inokashira no ike Benzaiten no yashiro yuki no kei)