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I still have so much more to share...themes...genres....the musical journey is endless and I always find myself liking new stuff within each day. I used to follow you on my old account a couple years ago and you were always one of my favorites!! THANK YOU for sharing such awesome stuff. I can't wait to explore even further. :) <333333

@DJ_Serenity Aw that's awesome! I'm glad you kept coming back! You are definitely welcome; I'm really happy that my music collection has made such a positive impact for cool people like you! I will continue to share all the stuff that I find interesting. Let me know if you have any style recommendations too ;) Also, I'm going through your profile and saving lots of mixes.. it's all looking great! :D

You were seriously like the first person I ever followed on here...I wish I could go back and retrieve the mixes I created on my old account. I feel like you would have liked a lot of those mixes as well. Shit happens though and it's been nice starting over. The community has been really supportive of me this time around. This website is seriously the BEST for finding music and it being presented on a creative platform. It's really been helping me making these playlists getting ready to become an actual DJ. I have half of the equipment and will be able to afford the other half this Fall//Winter so I'm hoping to get to practicing then. I still feel I have a lot to work on but doesn't everyone? I've just learned the best way is to just let go and not worry about what anyone is going to think. I hope you find some good stuff looking through my mixes. :)