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Transcendentalism 101


Your summer crash course in equilibrium. A highly versatile meandering set with 101 chill electronic tracks from 101+ different artists.

"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool." - Richard Feynman

Nym + Yppah + La Cantina

101 tracks
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@ArlynFoma Thank you so much! I just finished organizing my disheveled music collection and was about to post everything that's been in progress, and now it appears to late..

Hey redbat :) your mixes are still the best. sorry if this is weird. I didn't know how else to reach out and I've been thinking of you fondly for a while. really hope your world is a beautiful place these days. if you want to catch up email me anytime: no pressure, just offering :) really hope you are happy and healthy and wishing you all the best -storygirl

@pugna_vel_intereo Thank you! This was a fun experiment seeing if I could maintain cohesion over 100 tracks without getting bogged down in uniformity. Turns out I could keep going, and it felt transcendent in the process, hence the title :)

@pugna_vel_intereo Happy to hear it, I have another one of these prepped already.. I was disconnected for a bit, and the thing I missed most was my music collection. So I massively expanded it once I got back online :)