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Jazz for a Rainy Day V6


Jazz and wet weather go together like thunder and lightning. This sixth volume of pensive classic and contemporary jazz features deep cuts by Toots Thielemans, Art Pepper, Keith Jarrett and nine others. Another 80-minute soundtrack for drizzly days.

12 tracks
3 comments on Jazz for a Rainy Day V6

8tracks has attacked your beautiful mixes by playing them through youtube. Now what shall we do? I am already suffering from abstinence and no other mix can replace yours. Is there anywhere else where you have uploaded all your music? I ve been stalking your instrumental playlists for almost two years now. Thank you for bringing me joy.

@7escape Oh wow. I'm floored. Thank you, 7. My day just improved immeasurably. Although I’m very sorry to hear that YouTube doom has finally arrived. Guess it was inevitable, but still...

I'm on Spotify, too, but haven't updated my playlists there in several years. And their jazz library (especially modern jazz) is pretty slim, so hopefully there's a better platform out there. Do you know of any? I've been wanting to set up a new listening blog with these old playlists but have been waiting to see how the 8Tracks things rolled out. Let me know if you come across a better platform and I'll investigate and start uploading. Thanks again for the kind words.

@RedBeardo what about SoundCloud? I am not a user, never really fancied the organization and interface layout, but I guess that there you should be able to self-upload any missing song.... I personally think that the most ever lasting option is to carry on some kind of personal blog where you share all this; introduce and talk about whatever you want about the playlist and then include a link (mediafire for example) from which your readers could download the mix..... But please, these are just some humbleideas! I don`t really know how much time your willing to invest or if you have the songs digitized or anything about your knowledge of the internet or your beliefs in sharing!...... And by the way, thank YOU!

@7escape Cool ideas. I must look into SoundCloud further. When it started up a few years back it appeared to be a platform for musicians (only) to share their demos and singles. I know it's evolved beyond that, just haven't been able to verify that everything can be uploaded and streamed legally if you're a non-copyright holder. I really enjoy the Nextbop blog and would love to use a similar streaming player. Thanks again for good suggestions.