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i do my talking with a gun


for two assassins in the red room unexpectedly finding a thread of comfort, for being unmade, for wandering the earth without their other half.

for returning to each other broken, for remembering what they meant. for rekindling and coming together and moving forward.

(for stars-inthe-sky. happy birthday!)


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Ooooh, so, this is creepy and beautiful and perfect. And may I say how much I love how there's not a single song on here that's one of those songs that pop up on like *every* mix for these two? It's so refreshing!

@stars-inthe-sky YAY!! I'm so glad you like it!! :D And that's also really good to hear - I haven't listened to too many of their mixes myself, partly so I could do my own thing on my own, so that's wonderful! :D