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30 epic tracks to help you conquer the day.

for battling studying, for taming dragons, for smashing exams, for scaling mountains and roaring over the battlefield as you lay waste to your enemies. for not just getting through the day but annihilating it. for power, for glory, for you.

for crushing planning and organizing, mastering writing, destroying chores. for salting and burning, superheroes and everyday heroes, final frontiers and galaxies far far away.

for everything that needs to get done and the triumph of getting it frakking done, like an epic, awesome, savvy warrior.

vol 2:

30 tracks
3 comments on Slay Your Demons

I appreciate that these are not all marches and driving-workout songs, because epic, like courage, can be strong in the stillness too. There is much inspiration in this playlist, this will be a favorite work-go to for my 9 hour desk days :) Thanks for sharing!

@Sorchafyre \o/ Thank you!! That was certainly my intent - I wanted music that was just EPIC and that ended up being a mix of "hard" epic and "soft" epic, if that makes sense. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

Oh, this was awesome. Just what I needed to get through the mound of ever replicating paperwork!! I really liked how you wove your list, switching between soundtracks, so that there are some similar sounds just as if this entire mix was it's own sound track to the EPICness that just happened.