Roses (especially red), Darkness, Oblivion, Music, Alpha - Omega, Sounds or Noises, Combat Boots, Breathe, Sadism, Moon, Thorn, Rough sea, Romance, Starving, Decadence, Philosophy, Religion, No politics, Breaking looks, Movies, Surprises, My room, Bones, Clouds, Fawns, Suspension of judgment, Sprouts, Candles, Heeled shoes, Black dresses, Vintage, Rain, Infinite, Orchids, Smells, Musty books, Photos, Lolitas, Eyeliner, Nazi Uniform, Beats, Screams, Black magic, Art, Torture, School Uniform, Dark, Rabbits, Death of consciousness, Glamour, Feelings, Torn stockings, Lace, Collars, Redhair, Recherche, Truth, Winter, Forest, Cigarettes, Coffee, Smiles and tears, Studs, Lines and dots, Cemetery, Moonlight, Nihilism, Cats, Analytical, Rationalism, Esoterism, Red Lipstick, Sensationalism, Drama, Stolen kisses, Silence, Masochism, Strawberries, Vacuum, Memories, Mysteries, Storm, Skulls, Eternal conflict between heart and mind.