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I made this playlist in one long evening with the help of my then college roommate, Ben Minor. It's full of lovely songs and I still like it but can't recall what my motivation was or what I was trying to capture. I think it was apprehension about where I was or where I was going...but who knows.

12 tracks
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I don't know why we never spoke about music before! The Jeff Beal and Yann Tiersen pieces are from soundtracks (the show Carnivale and the film Good Bye Lenin, respectively). I'm a total sucker for soundtracks. As for Daedalus, my friend gave me a mix cd for my birthday last year and he was on it. Since then I've gotten some more of his albums and I love them. I found 8tracks a while ago and forgot about it. I need to make some more because I really enjoy it.

In other news, I love this mix. I've never heard Faces before (to my knowledge), but I really like it.
-The Blind Melon and Fastball tracks are wonderful. They take me back to listening to 99X (before it sucked) with my mom in the car. -The transition to Ooh Child is an odd one, but it's a classic.
- Next, Marvin Gaye is perfect for any mix ever. Period.
- Come Together is another classic. I was actually listening to Abbey Road earlier today.
- I've never listened to Ambulance LTD before, but I'll certainly have to check them out.
- As for The Pixies, I sadly haven't listened to them nearly as much as I should have. I'll definitely have to step up my game.
In summation, Me Butler, we must speak about music and make more mixes on here.