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Senior Secondary


Switchfoot, Bowling for Soup, Blink 182 and so many more! - Its this incredible thing that happened in the late 90s and the 00s. Lots of angst, punk guitar riffs and emo lyrics about life and love!...and if you were a teenager in the 00s, you probably will be able to sing along!

We used to call it punk rock back then....its mostly a mix of pop/punk, some redeeming alternative rock and a dizzying sense of nostalgia :)

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This had a great song that I haven't heard in forever and was so glad to hear it again. It was Naive and boy did it bring me back!

I was only in elementary school when these songs were released, but I've always referred to the 00s as the days where they still play great tunes on the radio. And this collection, sir/ma'am.. has some of the most awesome tracks I grew up listening to! :)