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Bucket of Anime

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This is hands down the best anime playlist i've come across. You have all the best songs. The OP and ED of Kyokai no Kanata, Naruto 1st ending, etc. It's like you read my mind and picked all my favorites. Nice job!

Definitely. I'm actually listening to more now and Period just came on. Such an epic song. Makes my work day go by a lot better. I'm always looking for new anime friends, you should add me on fb. The link is in my profile!

Mmhmm!! Thank you for the thought! I use facebook for people I know in person. :) I do have a tumbler and such if you like to chat or something.

This is great! But from what I've heard so far a couple songs are not the proper TV/full versions of the song but are simply repeats/loops. Also 80 tracks?! lol This will keep me busy for a long time.

Thank you, I am really happy you are enjoying it! Yeah some of them aren't. Simply because I either just had the short version or I liked it a bit more. I will perhaps change some of them in future. ;) Ahaha that's what I intended for! I use it while I am at work so the longer the better for me!