Is this playlist safe for work?

i literally do not care at all


A party mix that'll make you lose friends and alienate people.

Or gain friends idk.

  • We Like Pizza (Radio Version) by Pizza Kids
  • My Neck, My Back by My Neck, My Back
  • Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell by Das Racist
  • Careless Whisper (Sexy Sax Man Death Metal Remix) by All Hell Breaks Loops
  • Lose Yourself by Young Carter
  • Under the Booty by Lexi Wehunt
  • Born This Way by mirandasings08
  • The Fox (what the fox say)(Club EDM Monster Mash) FREE DL IN DESCRIPTION by djekip
  • Files) theme trap remix [EXTENDED VERSION] by Illuminati (X
  • Chicken Tonight ('Doin It Right' Cover) by Daft Cluck
  • Sittin on the Toilet by user2575615
  • Laffy Taffy Photograph (Nickelback, D4L) *Making Nickelback Listenable* by The Music Manipulator
  • Booty Man by Tim Wilson
  • WITH VIDEO by JonTron I Will Always Love You 10 Minutes
14 tracks
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