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reality in motion


this is a mix of psychedelic, alternative, and electronic music; hopefully they all have the same vibe

i'm sure most of you have heard that 8tracks is splitting from soundcloud. for those of you that haven't heard, this means that 8tracks djs won't be able to access songs from soundcloud anymore. many of the songs that i want to add to future playlists aren't available anymore. this means that the quality of my playlists will not be as good, which really does suck. i will continue to make mixes to the best of my ability, but this is just a heads up that my future playlists won't be as good.

22 tracks
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I must alter my opinions. This is a fantastic mix. Regrettably I have hitherto not been familiar with your presumably stellar mixes, but all the same, I feel obliged to inform you that as one who has been impressed indeed at first impression by these acclaimed mixes, I think it's a crying shame that the aforementioned mixes will no longer be of the same pedigree, alas, brought about by the botheration that is this termination of cordial terms between the proprietor 8tracks and wet blanket SoundCloud. I wish you luck for the future. Good day.

Great mix! A suggestion is adding an indie tag, since these songs have a tinge of indie about them, and that is all the rage. Also possibly remove the psychedelic tag? It misleads one awfully, and I doubt that these tracks are an inkling of psychedelic. All this is up to you though...