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remember when you used to be a rascal?


i found this in my unfinished playlists from a while ago and decided to post it lol. there is a lot of overplayed indie/alternative songs in the playlist js

31 tracks
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"I've found ... and decided to post it. lol"
Yeah, it's so funny to post a playlist, and it's so funny to post a message. lol

just kidding, great playlist!

Does 8tracks give me recommendations based on location? I was listening to another playlist and it sent me here. I then noticed that the poster is from Halifax like me which I thought was weird because no one is ever from Halifax. Maybe it's just a coincidence and that would be pretty neat

@MuffinMauler i don't think so, but it would be pretty cool to find playlists based on location! i've noticed that there are a lot of 8tracks djs from halifax, more than you would imagine to come from a place that isn't very famous.