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Dress Up, Scare Down


This mix is the Halloween-themed companion to my "Dress Up, Get Down" playlist. Whimsical, and dark, light-hearted, but morbid, lively, but tinging with darkness. The duality of the holiday is my focus here. Also, I'm gearing this toward the ladies. On this Halloween, don't allow anyone to use your sexuality and sensuality against you. Own it, girls. You deserve it. So, gather your squad, put on this mix, and get ready to raise hell. (Special Bonus song at the end!) Love you all, love yourselves.

36 tracks
5 comments on Dress Up, Scare Down

@AlwaysbeenaSmiler thank you so much! The fact that you've taken so much time to listen to all of these mixes is so heartwarming. Much love to you

I danced around my house like a crazy person, in pyjamas, with the blinds open, now I'm sure my neighbors think I've gone a little crazy, they may be a tad right too... Thank you for taking the time to make this