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"The... The blue oceans, the white clouds, green grass... I... I can't see any of it."


exams and in general been feelin' pretty shitty, decided to whip up some langst.
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8 tracks
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I was introduced to the show while ago but it's already my favorite and Lance is my favorite character! This is one of the best playlists for him that I've heard!!!

@JordanPetraTodd aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im so glad to hear this!!!!!! i love lance and vld w all of my heart and it makes me tear up to know people think this rly fits his character :')

this is actually so amazing??? this is one of the few lance playlists ive listened to that had different songs than most of the others too

@eve.wallace uhm?? thank you so much!!!!!! a lot of these songs come from myself personally, because i relate to lance on an emotional and physical level. so a couple of these songs that hit home for me i though "i bet lance would feel this too!" and thus came it.

I absolutely love this playlist so far. 4 tracks in and it's perfect so far. exactly what I needed, very Lance. I love that I mostky k kw these songs, but you've arranged then