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Sad playlist for the saddest season finale ever.

  • Lana Del Rey Serial Killer Lyrics by
  • Say Something (Cover) by A Great Big World Ft. Christina Aguilera
    You're the one that I love/ and I'm saying goodbye
  • Safe and Sound by We Built Atlantis!
    Just close your eyes / The sun is going down
  • Stand In The Rain cover (with piano) by Superchick
    Stand up when it's all falling down
  • The Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel) by Daniel Banon
  • Stateless by Bloodstream
  • A Little Fall of Rain by Nahla El-FeQi
  • Bach's Aria Of The Goldberg (Hannibal's Mizumono Variation) by joedham
8 tracks
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