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8 comments on L'attachement

thank you, just the right one for the morning :)

especially the last 2 tracks.
i couldn't find 'Elegies a M.' anywhere [i tried both Pierre Emmanuel and Joseph C. Merrick; i guess the latter is a pseudonym, not the man they'd called the 'Elephant Man'].
can you give me a hint as to where to find it?

wow, thank you! :)
i wouldn't know what to say besides thanking for the music.
is joseph merrick his real name? then again, it'd be stranger if no one else bore that name, actually.

actually this is real good. i recommend the download to everyone here.

to Reine: i don't find info about him, perhaps you want to post that link after all, i.e. website or smthg?
again, thanks so much :)

you're welcome! :)
his real name is Pierre-Emmanuel.
and you won't find info about him :) he's an amateur musician who lives in France. and he's a user as well (JosephCMerrick)