Reinette Fée
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Filthy Victorians


And as the sack cloth, sodden, slumps
Beneath these chipped and china limbs
The sour flesh pines, grunts and thumps
"Step right up, boys, tuppence for a spin!"

Includes: Abney Park, Dresden Dolls, and Emilie Autumn.

11 tracks
6 comments on Filthy Victorians

The mix is absolutely perfect, I never questioned that :P However you have to admit the previous one had a more 'cabaret' feel in it.

Might I just state that I love you both for the compliment..? :3

Seriously though, the other picture got blurry when 8tracks expanded them, hence I replaced it.

Well, it's one of my all-time favourite mixes :P

Did you try reverse google image search for it? There is a chance you could find a higher resolution version of it on the net ;)