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be calm

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rEALLY GOOD . i didnt skip any of the songs(same with the layclaire mix!), i tend to skip songs if i dont rlly like them obviously ,, ok i admit i skipped the pompeii and viva la vida mashup because i accidentaLLY hit skip when i meant to pause it whoops . i think the walk the moon song you used was HORRIBLE due to the fact i think thats the saddest sounding song on here. nice. the only song i have a question about is Run boy run because imo i didnt rlly think that fit :? but i mean if the whole mix is in general how layton feels after akbadain ruins then i guess it fits? idk ,, anywAYS Be calm is RLLy good and the beginning of it even sounds like a prof layton soundtrack ?? nice . this whole mix is nice

@crabfights thank you so much omg!!! yeah I understand how run boy run would seem out of place. I was considering how he would feel like he needed to leave stansbury for his own mental health as well as to go to gressenheller and try to accomplish what randall couldn't because of him, plus it talks about not having to hide in the future because one day things will be better. it's all up to interpretation, of course, but those are my feelings. thank you again!! I'm really glad you liked them!