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those who strive to be heroes in Elysium are the ones who find their worst nightmares in the pits of dark Tarturus.

//a mix for the greek afterlife in the Underworld//
[1 song for the ride down the inky Styx]
[3 songs for miserable Tartarus]
[3 for melancholy Asphodel Meadows]
[3 for the golden Elysium]

  • 05 Julien Et Barbara by María Guadalupe Aguirre
  • Am I Not Merciful by Mohamed Gamal A. Rahman
  • God Of War Soundtrack by The Vengeful Spartan
  • The Might of Rome by Hans Zimmer
  • Into Eternity by Brian Tyler
  • House of the Undying by Ramin Djawadi
  • The Wonder of Life by Alexandre Desplat
  • Caroline's Theme by Gabriel Yared & Cyrille Aufort
  • Tuck Everlasting Theme Song by phuc tinh ly
  • Happy Ending by Romain Paillot
10 tracks