Zach Rogue started Release The Sunbird in the summer of 2010 in order to scratch the itch of trying something new creatively after years spent on the road with his band Rogue Wave. Between releasing a full length debut album, 'Come Back to Us', and then most recently, the digital EP, 'Imaginary Summer', under Release The Sunbird, Zach somehow managed to find time to score the HBO series, On Freddie Roach. The show, executive produced by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights), chronicles the life of Freddie Roach, the famed boxing trainer who has fostered world champions despite his fight against Parkinson’s disease. The series features original music from Zach Rogue and additional music from The Antlers. Bookending Zach's playlist, Songs For the Stripped Down, are two original songs recorded for this series.

"The goal of the Freddie Roach series was to make the show as real as possible, or cinema verite. In scoring the series, my task was to explore minimalism. Say as much as I could while using the fewest sonic elements. Most of the score is instrumental pieces, but I did a couple of formal songs as well. In the mix, I included other artists that have mastered the art of minimalism. Kind of a dumb thing to put them along side my stuff, but hey, I've always enjoyed feeling a little inferior. Enjoy! Also, water your plants." - Zach

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