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The 10% club (part 1)


Uploads from YouTube that have 10% of the views they should have, as according to me. There's one or two with around 5 million views which is still nowhere near enough, the rest are ridiculously low. My attempt to make some sort of list regarding the random bollocks I've liked on YouTube over the past decade.

Will probably add lots of parts - whenever I can next be arsed to trawl through the remaining thousands and thousands of unorganised videos I've amassed across my accounts. If I'd of been totally committed to the cause I would've done it via Genre/Era/Year or something, but there is no rhyme nor reason, it'd be far too much work!!
I have however, attempted to arrange the tracks so the order doesn't blag head too much, starting with the oldies up front and just went from there.

44 tracks
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