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Classical melodies you've heard before...

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Ahhhh~ Even though I love classical music I rarely go out of my way to listen to it. It's nice to hear pieces that I've listened to before in life. Beautiful.

I'm likin it. May I suggest a couple tunes as well?
Till Eulenspiegel Lustige Striech-Richard Strauss.
Mahler's fifth symphony.
Tchaikovsky's first symphony in B flat. "symhpony pathetique"
Samuel Barber's First Essay For Orchestra (written about hitler)
Any of Bach's 2 part inventions.
and so much more
thanks for puttin this up :)

Great Selection @remi Enjoyed Every Track, I will be back
beethoven-wallpaper-01-1.jpg">beethoven-wallpaper-01-1.jpg" alt="Photobucket">

By the way, perhaps it is me, but shouldn't the Beethoven symphony be his 5th and not the 7th? Ba ba ba baaaa!!!! Gorgeous anyway!!