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Stay In Bed All Day Pt. II


shut the world out for 37 minutes.
Music by Gabrielle Aplin & Ed Sheeran
It might also feature two cheeky 1D covers...

I support british singer/songwriter Lauren Aquilina. If you like her two songs in this mix, you can buy her EP on iTunes:
I promise it's worth every penny :)

10 tracks
7 comments on Stay In Bed All Day Pt. II

I discovered this mix about a week ago and I'm absolutely in love! Every song in this mix is beautiful and I found a couple of new artist I like from it. I just want to say well done and I hope you continue to make mixes. Thanks girl for the great mix!

thank you so much for your comment! it seriously means a lot to me. people like you are the reason i make mixes! <3