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FUCK my problems. I'm young & I'm glad I'm alive :)


Some songs to feel happy and hopeful.
A mix that will help you through hard times. Listen and be inspired.
Everybody needs a little motivation every now and then. When it comes to that, music works wonders.
So, get up with a Smile, make yourself a hot cup of coffee and greet the new day with a positive attitude. You can do anything, as long as you believe in yourself and in new beginnings. :)

21 tracks
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Omg! All of your songs play at my work, all the time!

Do you secretly come into Sport Chek and pop a squat and listen to all our music? :P

But really, it is fantastic music, and hearing outside of work gives it some pizzaz !! :D Thanks m'dear! :D

pressed like from the first song. Inspiring me to get out there, love myself, and do good things for myself like apply for new jobs. thank you.