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12 Songs to kill, maim, burn


Kill People.
Go Dancing.

A small compilation of music for when you feel the urgent need to crush something pretty.

Contains music from Feindflug, Wumpscut, Skinny Puppy.

Chaos Marine Coverart by the very talented and slightly psychopathic "Torture-Device".

12 tracks
3 comments on 12 Songs to kill, maim, burn

sweetest darkest perfection... i don't know, but just always when i hear the first track, i just get goose bumps and imagine a giant army of chaos or a giant fleet emerging from warp, tearing down some defenseless planet to pure nothingness! WE. ARE. LEGION. you came and made me one of your kind...

I so wish i could see Horus march towards Terra someday in a movie or something, pure living breathing hell,... maybe someday