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You Have to Pay - HL1 Playlist


TRIGGER WARNING: there is a mention of cutting/suicide in Blasphemous Rumours. I wouldn't have put it here, but I felt like the song really fit...

So.... for Resonance Cascade days I was inspired to make playlists... its a little late.. but yeah.. haha

I imagine HL1 Gordon to be very unsure and nervous.

So I have to listen to music when I draw, so Ilisten to specific playlists when writing, and these were songs on my playlist (that aren't featured in other playlists here) that reflect Half Life 1. I will be posting another playlist shortly which will deal with Half Life 2

I put little notes, because I love when people do that! And so I could explain myself! Hope you enjoy!!
(Also, art belongs to me)

14 tracks
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