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Witiko Wind, Skeleton Trees


A wind that breaks the eerie stillness. A wind that stirs a bottomless hunger in your gut. A wind that carries your frozen name across the tundra.

(This mix inspired by ghoulnextdoor's "The Merciless Spirit of Desolation." --

12 tracks
4 comments on Witiko Wind, Skeleton Trees

i'm writing something for my short story class and this is absolutely PERFECT. it was really hard for me to find a playlist that put me into the right frame of mind to write a horror story set in the canadian winter wilderness, but this totally did the trick.

This is a very nice playlist. I love how atmospheric it is and how calming it is, despite how it also puts you on edge. Great for working on homework or drawing with, actually. Keep up the good work!

This playlist is so perfectly atmospheric, the feeling of every song is spot on. I really feel like I'm wandering around the woods at night with all the birch isolating me. It's really spooky and unsettling, in a nice way. Brr...

@acuitypie Thanks very much for the comment! I aimed for the intensely atmospheric with this list, so I'm glad it struck the right chord with you. Might try another dark ambient playlist soon.