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The Music Playing In The Dark Corridors of His Mind


This Is NOT the Hannibal OST

I Imagine that this will be the songs that would describe both Hannibal in classical music and be something that he would enjoy.

The mix starts light but turns darker and darker.

Please stay to the end where the best pieces come!

The last song (a lullaby) isn't really a classic piece.... Though I think that it's a really nice piece. (Maybe for Will to fall in sleep to)

14 tracks
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Wonderful, wonderful mix. I like everything from the title and the picture to the very last song. I agree that this must be what Hannibal hears in his mind all day ;) Love how you chose a Scandinavian lullaby as the final track, Mads Mikkelsen happening to be Danish and all. Again, wonderfully balanced mix. Thank you for sharing! Just one thing... It says 14 tracks, but when I listen to them all there's only 13?! Is this me and my player or are there really just 13 tracks?