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the city is dying and so are you


a mix for a story that is very close to my heart
london is dying. all the humans had to leave, but they left the cats behind. and some died, of course. it was inevitable. more died as the bombs dropped, but some, some evolved. some just survived. and as time went on, cats became different, until, in the end, each cat thought they were a better different than the other. the larger, stronger ones kept the smaller ones imprisoned, but there were whispers of a land where it didn't matter what you looked like; a Haven. Emile and Dorian are 'barelies'; cats who only just have the right to walk with the 'highers', new strains of mutations. they are looking for Haven, but what they find there might not be what they expected.
a story of cats, the apocalypse and racism

15 tracks
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