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My Love For You Is Like a Truck


Fanmix for Guts/Casca from Kentaro Miura's Berserk.

  • White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons
    so tell me now where was my fault/in loving you with my whole heart?
  • A Walk Through Hell by Jessica Clark 2
    i'd walk through hell for you/let it burn right through my shoes/these soles are useless without you
  • The boy who blocked his own shot (Brand New cover) by Musicandsuch
    and if it makes you less sad/i will die by your hand/hope you find out what you are/already know what i am
  • 7 Stars by Apples in Stereo
    and you don't even know my name/and i know every constellation
  • makedamnsure (Taking Back Sunday) by jaaaseyyy
    and i just want to break you down so badly in the worst way
  • My Fault (Acoustic Cover by Whitney Borisenok) by Imagine Dragons
    is it my fault?/we've been missing each other
  • Fallout (1080p) by Marianas Trench
    so many things i shouldn't have missed/the more i push the more you resist
  • Be Calm by fun.
    oh why? oh why?/haven't you been there for me?/can't you see i'm losing my mind this time?
  • Leave Me by Imagine Dragons
    you've got me holding onto nothing/but nothing's all i got
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