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Lost and Afraid


"Lost and Afraid", A playlist dedicated to the shadow on my wall. Have a fun time killing characters!
~Hey Listen! This is my first video of a series of playlists I'm making. Each playlist will describe a different mood, place, person, and different scenes. Miny inspiration for writers struggling with writers block. But it can be used for anything else, drawing, cosplay, film, and ect. All the music has no vocals as it would be distracting. Thankyou for reading!!

  • Temple of the Jinn: Something Is Very Wrong by SerenityDivide - Projects
  • Fourteen Residents by Alias Conrad Coldwood
  • Hitsujigamine (Catherine Cover) by myuu
  • Not Safe by Alias Conrad Coldwood
  • 10. Umbra nigra by Practica
  • Door by Shoji Meguro
  • Stalked In The Dark by Shoji Meguro
7 tracks
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